MPFCs U11 Kangaroo squad were invited by South Melbourne Football Club (SMFC) to feature in the NPL Round 8 senior match at the Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park on Sunday 17 April.


SMFC (top of ladder) met 4th placed Oakleigh Cannons. The U11 squad walked the Oakleigh Cannons team onto the field and played against their SMFC peers during the half-time break. Jack and Luc wrote the following about this experience:

“On Sunday 17 April we were very excited to go walk the players onto the pitch, the crowd was roaring and we were very nervous for the half-time friendly. We could hear the drumming of the drum. And when we turned to face the camera we could hear and see the giant crowd. The scores were 4-1 for South Melbourne.”

Good work Under 11s!