Over the years MPFC has been blessed with some awesome keepers, and we still are!

Bonus points for scorpion kicks

However, there’s no holding back age – and expansion – and as a result, we now have at least a couple of spaces open for dedicated keepers in our Sunday teams.

Let’s be clear though, just ‘cos you got picked last in the playground this does not qualify you for the role ;)

Our Thirds team is in Division 1 (of 8!) in the Mens metro league, our Masters (35+) are looking forward to competing for honours this year and includes at last one former international and our Fours are building on a promising first 2 seasons of highly competitive football.

We also have a dedicated goalkeeping coach who will get you fit and functional every Thursday!

So, we’re looking for experienced and talented keepers, ideally at least one of whom is 35 or over and who are looking for a great community club and group of players, competing at the highest levels possible.

Of interest? Cool :) Get in touch here and let us know your details… talk soon!